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Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Agility, efficiency and low levels of maintenance are all on the list of requirements for material handling machines. Our steel expertise and broad product portfolio are helping machine manufacturers to tick all the boxes.

Understanding your business
In the quest to produce ever more efficient and capable material handling equipment, machine makers are demanding steel components that are stronger, lighter and more wear-resistant. At Tata Steel, we are sharing our steel expertise with customers – helping them to improve their products and succeed in the marketplace.

We work hard to understand your business and the market in which you operate. Our long relationship with leading equipment manufacturers in this sector has given us a keen insight into the world of material handling. We’ve developed a sound understanding of how these machines must perform and of the issues facing machine manufacturers. We’re committed to learning more and to keeping abreast of current and future challenges.

We understand that machine users want hardworking, nimble and efficient machines with a reliably low cost of ownership. We exploit our knowledge of steel and its application to help manufacturers achieve these aims whilst maintaining manufacturing efficiency.

How we can help
Tata Steel produces a wide variety of steel products for material handling machines.

Our product range includes:
• Customised and standard mast sections
• Carriage bars and flat profiles for fork arms
• Profiled steel for chassis and body parts
Engineering grade bar products for driveline components
• Tubular steels for rollover and falling object protective structures (ROPS and FOPS)

Working and growing together
We like to work in partnership with our customers – on a practical, day-to-day level and also in pursuit of long-term strategic goals. We share our experience and steel expertise to help customers improve their product performance and to maximise the efficiency of their own design and manufacturing operations. This can include joint investigations to reduce part count and related processing time.

Making a difference
By working together, we can add value from the outset of product design and development. For instance, our specialist knowledge of steel – its chemistry, properties, processing and application - helps our customers to specify the best steel grade for enhanced machine agility and improved lifting capacity. Our steel know-how is also helping manufacturers to produce hard-wearing machines with a low cost of ownership.

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